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Kiara Bruni

Administration and customer service

Kiara is one of the friendly faces you will meet when you visit us at Proactive Physiotherapy.  It's best left to Kiara to describe Kiara! 😀

"I am passionate about seeing people achieve their goals and being there to help them in the process. To me, as well as the others here at Proactive, both the big and little things in life make all the difference. I love being able to provide a friendly smile or a small gesture such a cup of tea, as well as helping people with issues they are unsure of so that their journey to full health and becoming a better version of themselves is as easy as possible.

I have grown up in Cobram with my family. I appreciate all things cooking/baking and have my own little cookie business that I run from home in my spare time. I love bringing people together through food, helping people to celebrate."