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Welcome to Proactive Physiotherapy Cobram. 

Proactive Physiotherapy is a new health service and we are excited to bring a fresh attitude to physiotherapy and healthcare to the area.  Our goal is to address your health and movement needs in a comprehensive and efficient manner so that you can maximise your function and enjoyment in life.  After all, having good health and being able to participate in and enjoy the things you love, is what life is all about. 


At Proactive Physiotherapy we are aware that the world is a dynamic and ever-changing place, therefore you need to be too.  We pride ourselves on providing personalised, best practice physiotherapy so that we can deliver you, your very best outcome.  


What you can expect after attending Proactive Physiotherapy:

  1. First-class assessment and treatment

  2. An increased understanding of what is causing your problem and clear plan of what you can do to fix it

  3. A more positive outlook on your health and your future!


Take a moment to browse through the site and look at our services.  We would love you to contact us if you have any questions and we hope to see you soon to help you be the best you can be!


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