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Ross Lee

Ross is a dedicated and compassionate physiotherapist with 7 years of experience in providing personalised care and treatment to patients.


Ross is an expert in treating musculoskeletal injuries (low back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain), Sports injuries (Muscle strains, ligamentous sprains), Post surgical rehabilitation (hip replacement, knee replacement, ACL reconstruction), and helping people with Vestibular issues (Balance problems, Vertigo). 


Ross is committed to improving the quality of life for individuals through evidence-based practices and therapeutic interventions. 


Ross employs a holistic approach to address the unique needs and goals of each patient.


Whether working with athletes recovering from injuries or individuals seeking relief from chronic pain, Ross strives to empower patients to regain function, mobility, and independence.


In addition to clinical practice, Ross is passionate about staying current with the latest advancements in physiotherapy through continued education and professional development courses, meaning you will always recieve the most up to date and best care working with Ross.


Outside of work, Ross enjoys spending time with his lovely wife and his Son. Ross enjoys being physically active by going to the gym and playing basketball as he believes staying active is the key to enjoying a well-balanced life.  

Strong suits:

Balance and Vestibular problems

Post-surgical rehabilitation

Low back and spinal pain

Sporting injuries 

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