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We're a high performing team, who pride ourselves on providing expert care in a friendly, compassionate and caring environment.  We are committed to helping you get amazing results and are renowned for going the 'extra mile' to help you achieve this.  We love helping people with any or all issues of pain, mobility, movement, balance, strength and conditioning plus much more.  No matter how big or small, we will help you find the solution to your problem so you can fully recover, perform at your peak and get back to doing all the things you love in life!  


What you can expect after attending Proactive Physiotherapy:

  1. First-class assessment and treatment

  2. An increased understanding of what is causing your problem and knowledge of what you can do to fix it

  3. A more positive outlook on your health and your future!


We are focused on patient outcomes and accelerated recovery.  We talk about 100% and aim to not only address your concern, but have you robust, strong and feeling better than you could possibly have imagined!  For more detail on our services have a look here.  We would love you to contact us if you have any questions so we can help you be your very best!



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Ben Doyle

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Maddison Hooke

Administration and customer service

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