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Eldridge Nalzaro

Eldridge's 7-year experience as a Sports Physiotherapist has helped him hone his skills making sure athletes who train under him are taken exceptional care of.


Eldridge specializes in Athletic Performance Enhancement, Hypertrophy and Strength Training, and Functional Exercises. Eldridge's understanding of how each exercise works helps him create a specialized program that will greatly improve overall athletic performance for athletes, whether they be professional, recreational or just going to the gym for leisure.


Eldridge's treatment and rehab approach is focused on creating a program that allows the person or athlete to truly achieve their full potential.


Eldridge is a very versatile physiotherapist and is able to meet the person where they are at and use any type of equipment to help people with their rehabilitation needs.


Eldridge has a passion for improving the standard of healthcare and has delivered multiple lectures and seminars across the Philippines imparting his knowledge to young and aspiring physiotherapy students paving the way for them to improve their practice.


Aside from being a physiotherapist, Eldridge is also a father and a husband to his loving family. He occasionally plays video games and basketball and is a big LA Lakers fan.


Strong Suits:
Sports/Athletic Performance Enhancement

Functional Exercise Training

Acute and Chronic Pain Problems
Muscular relaxation and release techniques

Group Exercise Classes

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