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Warming up well, still standing at the final bell

So you’ve done all of your pre-season training and you’re ready to go? Excellent, now let’s make sure we warm up well to further decrease any chance of injury.

Remember those 10 FIFA exercises I mentioned in the last blog? Well they’ve had a face lift.

The FIFA 11+ is an updated program that was created to help amateur and recreational football/soccer players reduce their injury risk, however the exercises can be easily transferred across to other sports. The program is designed to be a maximum 20 minute warm up on training days and a 10 minute warm up on game days. Allowing ample time for skill based warm ups whilst drastically reducing the risk of injury (30-50%) when compared to a normal warm up.

The game day warm-up involves a variety of running type movements that many athletes would be familiar with as well as some more specific movements added in. The training day warm-up includes the running movements as well as six strength, plyometric and balance tasks with progressions to target your not as athletic ‘Jimbo’s’ as well as your gun Full Forward/ Striker/ Goal Attack etc.

Some of the exercises included in the program are:

Planting and cutting running patterns,

Squats, and

Shoulder bumps

The program was designed to be delivered by someone with a background in exercise and movement but can be delivered by anyone (coach/ sports trainer etc.) if they have the necessary knowledge in how the exercises should be performed. So, If you or your club would like to start using this warm-up as part of your weekly routine here is what you can do:

1. You can find an outline of the program at:

2. Seek the advice of your physio or someone knowledgeable about exercise and movement who can help deliver the program

3. Alter exercises to better suit your chosen sport after consulting with your physio or exercise and movement specialist

If you or your club would like any advice or assistance with the program don’t hesitate to contact us on (03) 5872 2221 and we'll be happy to discuss what you can do to get the program up and running.

Yours in health,


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